Discipline- the missing link

Discipline 2

After 25 years of treating thousands of person I finally realized the answer to your problems. Discipline.

You see you are not an idiot and know you should be eating better and exercising more but don’t.

I doubt you want to look fat, be disabled by old man arthritis or die of cancer but you still don’t change.

Everybody is telling you it is motivation but at the end of the day it has more to do with discipline.

Discipline to eat better

Discipline to exercise more

Discipline to just do it.


Right now I want you to perform a little test. First look glance at a clock and right down the exact time including seconds. Now focus on your breathing, feel the air come in through your nose and out through your mouth. Close your eyes and focus solely on your breathing. Do this for as long as you can.

How disciplined were you. Did you you notice how many thoughts came thru your . A Tibetan monk would tell you that you are monkey minded.

Modern day living simple predisposes us to losing our focus. We are overwhelmed with so much conflicting information everyday that we lose our way, Modern day living predisposes us to losing our focus and becoming monkey-minded. We are overwhelmed with so much conflicting information every day that we become confused andstart to question our beliefs. You will receive more opinions about health in one day than your grandparents did in one year.


When you begin The Aussie Answer program, you will find that we live in a health hazardous society where it is easy to lose the balance. When you turn on the television you will be bombarded with quick fixes. The television will tell you the thigh master or abdominal roller will melt away inches from your thighs or flatten your stomach using only minimal effort and a few minutes a day. You will hear about miracle diet pills that require no exercise and no diet to help you get ripped.

You must realize the slick marketeers know our weakness of wanting to be instantly gratified and exploit this. They will aggressively market this. They will use the pleasure pain principle to control your life. Every time they tell you about some miracle pill or exercise gimmick I want you to hear the Aussie Battler screaming at you to focus on The Aussie Answer exercise program.

Don’t be monkey-minded—stay focused, mate.