What’s your why? YOu Improved 2016

What is Your Why ?

G’day!  It is the 1st day of  2016 and the first day of your  improved life.

To improve in 2016 you will need that standard  list of goals. However, this year I  want to ask you why you want to reach these goals? Why do you want to improve at ______? Most of us know what we want to improve ( lose fat, gain muscle, become smarter, make money) but few search beyond that asking why we want to reach theses goals.  If you really want to improve you have to know what you want and more importantly why you want it.

Thru reverse engineering if you make this ‘WHY’ really big  (help your loved ones, be a role model, attract the love of your life) then you will have the drive to reach your goals in 2016. Go beyond yourself making your “why” about other people and you will create real meaning with your goals. If you have meaning in your life you will be driven to reach your goals.

Be proactive finding your “Why” today, if not you will find yourself in 2017 saying ”why me”. Today really can be first day or your new and improved life.

Cheers and Happy New & Improved New Year.