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Like a pro athlete you will go thru the YI 360 Evaluation (physical, mind, nutrition, recovery). It is very important to look at all pieces of the optimization puzzle as they work synergistically to allow for high performance. You only improve what you measure. Once we have your baseline measures we can move ahead to making improvements in your performance. Our Rx sessions are a hybrid mix of what the great scientific minds have proven and what the greatest athletes on the planet are actually doing.  It’s a win win for you.

YI -Mind

  •  How Optomisic are you? Dr Seligman the worlds authority on Positive Psychology has shown Optimism can be measured and is strong predictor of your health & happiness. Did you know Rodger Federer strongest attribute is his positive mind, Optimisits win on the field and in the game of life.  Optimism can be trained following latest research breakthroughs.
  •  How disiciplined are you? Angela Duckworth another of the founders of the Positive Psychology movement has shown grit can be measured and is the number one predictor of success in a wide range of high performance ( from athletes, army rangers to the national spelling bee). Did you know before the Beijing Olympics Michael Phelps decided to have no days off for 1 year so he could get the edge. Discipline can be improved with smart goals and accoutability
  • How Positive is your environment?  Dr Friedrickson and Dr Losado have shown the importance of having a positive working environment in Fortune 500 companies. Are you running your performance the way they have shown to work in fortune 500 companies?

 Assessing your Physical Abilities

  1. Is your body bullet proof from injuries? Are you performing Dr Frank Jobes rotator cuff exercises, Dr Noyes sportsmetric exercises,  Dr Manniches back exercise. Prevention of injuries in pro athletes is the biggest area of research in the last couple of years.
  2. Is your body balanced? Dr Vladimir Janda spent his life studying muscle function ( and lectured me in 1988).  He found that certain muscles tend to get tight in your body while other tend to weaken in your body. This leads to poor biomechanical alignment of our body best observed from postural assessment. Have you ever noticed how great athlete have perfect posture. How is your posture?
  3. How is your joint mobility?  Using the work of Functional Movement Screen by Gray Cook PT and TPI  by Dr Greg Rose we can measure your mobility. We also know that you tend to lose your end range of motion at all joints especially the spine, hip and shoulder. Tiger and Rory Mc Ilroy have incredible rotational mobility. Are you using corrective exercise to attack your mobility restrictions.
  4.  How is your movement? Can you push pull, rotate,  react, run and  change directuion. Our bodies are meant to move at least 10 000 steps per day. Most of us simply do not get enough movement and those who move tend to over do one movement ( running, biking ect). Is your movement prescription balanced?

Assessing your Nutrition

  • Are you balancing your calories in vs your calories out?  Scientific analysis of 1000’s of clinical studies show the secret to nutritional balance is burning more calories then you take it. The Laws of Thermodynamics can be simply evaluated wit MYnetdiary.
  • Do you get enough protein to promote your metabolism? Dr Peter Lemon would simply tell you “Don’t waste your workouts” and make sure to have recovery nutrition within 20 minutes.
  • Do you get enough fruit and vegetables? The DASH diet was promoted as the healthiest diet in the world and it is plant based diet full of fruit and vegetables. Cancer hates vegetable and loves sugar.
  • Do you include some healthy fats to promote systemic health?  Eskimo’s have a diet high in omega three and have very low incidence of heart disease ( even though they do not eat a lot of fruit and veggies)

  Assessing your Recovery ( the big 3)

  1. Do you get at least 8 hours sleep a night? Studies on athletes show global improvements in all biomarkers  with additional sleep. Did you know Rodger Federer  and Lebron James try to get 10-11 hours a day during hard training.
  2. Do you waste your workouts ? We grow during our recovery and nutrition is critical for recovery. Pre and post workout is a hot area and now with simple metrics we can perform on our phone we can make sure all our micro and macro nutrients are perfect. Did you know at the number one training center in USA ( 120 athltes, 30 gold medal, German Soccer Team…..) they prepare all meals for the athletes.
  3. Relaxation- Are you able to switch off from our daily stressors? Did you know the biggest predictor of PTSD is the inability to control stress. Did you know that we have 60 000 thoughts per day and we need to learn to let most of these go. Are you able to switch off from stress with some type of relaxation exercise or do you tend to make stress worse?.

Step 2. Planning

      The difference between a dream and destination is a plan. After your YI360 evaluation a plan will be made for YOU to improve .

A strength based plan is devised to help you optimize your performance. YOu and Improved uses a mixed method approach that combines research from many different areas. Like professional athletes you will have a prescription of Rx’s that are designed specifically to optimize your performance. As you are a unique individual with unique needs this program needs to be tweaked so it works for you. At the end of the day , the best plan is the one you will be motivated to follow, not the one designed by scientist for some hypothetical athlete in a lab.

Step 3 YOu IMproved.

          Typical Rx Session will include.

Preworkout nutritional analysis to optimize hormonal levels and energy.

Dynamic warm up with Skill work specific to your movement needs.

Power (speed strength) development. Power developed thru plyos and medicine ball.

Strength is developed thru working on 7 Fundamental patterns of movement.

Mobility is developed thru specific Corrective exercise performed during rest periods.

Energy system or metabolic finisher can be added for fat loss or mental toughening.

Recovery- guided meditation.

Post workout nutrition.