Fitness is evolving to the next level right on beautiful Delray Beach. The Movement is a hybrid training system developed by a world class training team. A team who has worked with professional athletes for 10 years and now wants to take your fitness to the next level.

Our team has travelled to over 500 gyms thru out the world and trained top athletes all over the world.  Our team can now be your team when you join The Movement. We have noticed there has is a huge void between what is done in the local gyms and what the pro’s have actually do.   We want to show you the solution,” The Movement”, so you can train like the pro’s do.

The Movement integrates what the greatest minds in performance say we should do and what the athletes actually do. Our philosophy to get the best out of you is simple. We are going to train  you like a pro athlete.

  1. The Movement is about  Discipline to show up first thing in  morning as all pro athletes do. Rise and grind. A study of Harvard Alumni found that athletes have got it right and the number one predictor of long term success for the exercise habuit was performing an 1 hour exercise first thing in the morning. We are strong believers that the Mind rules your body, so rise and grind with us at 6, 7;15 or 8:30 Am.
  2. The Movement believes in  Prehab-  (specially prescribed exercises to protect your weak links) . Integrating Dr Manniche, Dr Jobes, Dr Janda’s and Dr Noyes prescription into a plan are very important part of your physical therapy.  These doctors are the guru’s of  physical medicine and you need to apply their knowledge to your workouts.We know you can train smarter.
  3. The Movement believes in developing your engine to be more powerful. Resistance training using power blocks ( can be adjusted from 5-90 lbs) that can be matched to your unique strengths. Not everybody lifts the same weight and we need to be able to adjust the weight to meet your individual need. Movement uses a formula know as  complex training to isolate the fast twitch fiber in your body. We know you have never been exposed to such training and you will become leaner stronger and faster.
  4. The Movement believes in restoring joint mobility and promoting flexibility to meet the demands of sports and life . The ability to full squat, toe your toes & rotate is very important for function.We focus on 6 global movements to make sure your body is balanced.  We attack stretches in your rest periods to make the program more effective and we use a physical therapy metholodology
  5.  Movement believes your are meant to move . Movement is about the ability to react, run, change direction, run forwards, backwards sidewards. Be athletic.  The movement is all about moving and we use a formula that insures your fast twitch muscles are primed and your metabolism is racing… The beach allows us to move freely with low impact.

Join THe MOvement & Power to the People

” I move, therefore I am.”