How It Works


you improved AI pngStart believing in a leaner, stronger and faster version of you. Start optimizing your health and performance by training like the pro athletes do.As a physical therapist, and strength coach I have travelled to over 34 different countries on the pro tour. During this 10 year journey I have learned the secrets for revolutionizing human performance.Greatness

Now I would love to revolutionize your performance with high performance training. A  Plan that will be individually tuned to meet your unique needs. Like all pro athletes, your training plan will include a hybrid mix of Exercise Rx, Positive Psychology Rx and Nutritional Rx.

How High Performance Works For YOu.

1. 360 Assessment of  ‘You’

First a comprehensive assessment needs to be performed. You only improve what you measure.



2. Goal Setting – Your ‘What’ and ‘Why’

Goals give you direction. It is very important to have SMART  goals that motivate you towards a positive future.


3. Planning Training & Rx.

A plan based on cutting edge technologies and your unique needs will be developed.  Emphasizing your strength is critical for your long terms results. YOu Improved insures your long term success by using Positivity Ratio of strengths to weakness in developing your plan. Athletes like Rodger Federer know the importance of a strength based approach.



4.  Results = Knowledge  + Passion

knowledge= power

You want results. Professional athletes demand Results.

To insure results on the the world stage YOU Improved  is passionate about finding and applying powerful knowledge to all athletes.

We want you to train like a world class. We have the expert knowledge and experience to enhance your performance to the next level.

As we say in the world of pro athletics ‘ either you are improving or getting worse”.


Cheers Ian K. Barstow MHS, PT

Melinda Quebec