High Performance

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Case Study of High Performance for an athlete.

Step 1. Initial Evaluation  YI360
As many as 18 biomarkers are evaluated to optimize your performance. The biomarkers you chose to evaluate are  centered around what your specific goals.  A ‘patient centered’ approach insures you are motivated and passionate about making improvements.

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Step 2. Plan

High performance requires the integration of  many elements into a comprehensive plan. We realize if you see 10 different experts you will receive 10 different approachs. What is the best approach? Great question.  You Improved  approach emphasizes what the greatest minds have show thru research and greatest performers actually do to perform better. We have spent 20 year collecting and applying state of the art knowledge to pro athletes. You Improved is a hybrid system that incorporates the best of the best.

High performers are usually doing a lot of the right things. What we analyze areas in your YI360 where marginal gains can be made by being brilliant at the basics.  The Marginal Gains approach has been used by the British Olympic team to win 11 gold medals at the London Olympics. The philosophy is simple to look for areas that you can make small improvements and the sum of all these small improvements can make big difference . Often the synergistic action between diet, exercise and sleep can make huge difference

marginal gains.

They went from no gold medals to 11 at the London Olympics.

      To illustrate how high performance work lets look at the Improvements made by the tennis player Rodger Federer in the year 2013 to 2014. In 2013 everyone was saying it was game over however over the next year he reinvented his tennis using marginal gains formula.

  1. Strength 1 Positive Mindset. Listening to Rodger you can see that he knows it is important to have short term and long term goals. He also uses a strength based approach. Leading Researcher in Sports Psychology are now taking  a paradigm shift in athletic development from attacking weaknesses to making strength even better.Rodger also notes that his positive mindset in difficult times is what gets him thru.  Rodger self explanatory style is right in line with Dr. Martin Seligman would say is the key for winning not only on the court but in life So Rodger is using a strength based approach in his plan. He stated that he wanted to keep playing at high level until Rio 2016.


     Team Federer decided to make his strength of striking first even better by employing Stefan Edberg. Under the guidance of  Edberg they worked on making his striking even better.  If you want to optimize performance focus on your strengths.

    2. Strength no2# Growth Mindset. Rodger lives by the philosophy of  Constant and Never Ending Improvement. Even when they are saying he is too old, Rodger knew he could still improve. Indeed researcher have  looked at the Relationship between Age and  World records and shown records can still be broken by persons in mid 30’s. Rodger is right and physiological he can go much further. Rodger’s mindset is one of living in the future and embracing change. . So his second strength was believing in himself in adversity, by embracing failure, learning from mistakes and keep effort high.  Take home message is that we are defined by what happens in adversity and practicing a positive growth mindset is key.

   3.Strength# Truly remarkable is Rodger has never missed a professional match because of injury . The ability of Rodger to keep his body free from  major injuries is unbelievable.  This is a huge weapon of Rodgers. In fact he has only retired once in his career as a junior because of low back pain. His physiotherapist and strength and conditioning has done a remarkable job periodizing his program.  Rodger trains super hard in his training blocks ( there is a great blog) but will also escape from tennis and rest big.  Rodger is very balanced in the way he approaches on and offcourt So the team kept reviewing his training to make sure he would stay injury free and played less tournaments.

The 1. Opportunity to Improve. 1 Federer could improve his  muscle mass to fat ratio ( leaness). Without doubt he is gifted athlete but his body is not as lean as other competitors at his level. He is carrying a little excess fat and when you make up to 1000 changes of direction under time pressure in a match this can effect performance.   Tennis is a movement sport that requires multiple short sprints with rotational hitting.  In last 10 years we have learned more about how to improve both these abilities then ever before and tennis has been a little slow to embrace the gym work at highest level.

When the team at YOu Improved  saw Rodger at Indian wells in 2014 we could tell from his body he had greatly improved his fitness. As we have seen in person many times a year for the last 10 years we noticed he was the fittest ( leanest ) we had seen him.   Keeping his body as lean as possible will be enable him to move even faster on the court.


Rodger is a perfect case study for the strength based approach. What you can learn from Rodger  is you need to make a strength based plan with short and long term goals about the improvement you want to make. Do not just try to hammer away your weakness as this will take away your long term passion and motivation to your long term goals.  Focus on what you are doing well upto 3 things and the fourth thing add your weakness. Try to pair your weakness with your greatest strength.  You should focus on using the Losado ratio of 3;1.  Too many times I have seen well intentioned hammering away at weaknesses and although logically this makes strength it takes away belief and motivation. Ultimately the person who is motivated to stay the course will do the best at improving.


       In the last 10 years we have learned more about strength and conditioning then ever before. The teams are getting better and athletes are leaner stronger faster then ever before. Today we need to integrate information from all over the world into a plan that works for the individual athlete. Mixed Methods training is using hybrid system of the best of the best.. Planning must account for optimizing all performance variable in a cycle. This is done thru daily scheduling of the athlete.

        Dynamic warm up to work on flexibility.

        Prehab to work on eliminating weaklinks

       Power development thru medicine ball and plyometrics

       Strength thru non linear periodization

       Mobility thru hydrid techniques from PNF, AI stretching, Total End Range Time, Manual therapy, Manipulations

      Mental toughening thru focus drills,

        Look at these highlights from 2015 and you will see that Rodger has done a lot more then the SABER. As one can see Rodger lives by the motto you are either improving or your getting worse.